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Read this today, along with having some conversations recently with friends who are unsure of their gifts in life.  Sometimes, it seems, that we base distrust on very few situations, and trust on not too many situations. Overall, are we in a better place in life to trust than to distrust? Granted, we get taken advantage of on occasions, but do those situations outweigh what trusting situations can bring us? Overall, I would say – what can we do to make things better?  I’m not just talking right here, or at work, or home or anywhere geographically. I’m talking about a lifestyle of helping, trusting, believing and, as I think … Continue reading

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Made in America Vs. Made by Man

Similar to our paradigms on who has the better religion, the better state, the better race, or the better intellect – we also are in the midst of our own self-consuming “Made in America” moniker.  But, isn’t that judgmental as well?  Or, even “Made in this World,” if you’re among those that believe in life not like ours from outer space (although, I guess, my hope is that they are human)?  Why must we compare by geography?  Let’s accept these differences, find our own niche, and make the most of what we can do.  We call contribute to this world

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