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The Dalai Lama within us

As this blog unfolds, it will be obvious that the Dalai Lama is not THE Dalai Lama, but someone who has the Dalai Lama qualities.  He’s a combination of mythology, spirituality, religion, and a keen professor from Miami of Ohio, who we call the Dalai Lama. We called him Dalai Lama for several reasons – he was bright, calm, loving, balanced, and he practiced his craft.  He wasn’t someone to one person and someone else to another person – and, he could spot the fakes a mile away.  But, his alignment was not to judge, but to focus on what he could do – many times ignoring what others would … Continue reading

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Anger Management

When you get angry at someone else, that means you’re judging them. If we’re not supposed to judge others, then we should not get angry.  Hard to do, but something to idealize.

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The Dangling Carrot

It may be a long time between seeing someone you love or who has influenced you.  But, it’s only a few days at a time in-between, that we don’t recognize what effect those people have on our lives. Everyone, like it or not, is a teacher and a coach. Most fight for what they believe is truth and the community, and if the benefits come, then they come because of that. You know, that’s a real metaphysical approach to life.  As I get older, I see those things with more clarity. Your life is your story. Just as so many great men before us. We’re born  We live  We have challenges, temptations and … Continue reading

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