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Total Consciousness – So I got that going for me, which is nice.

The brain acts as a receiving set for energy patterns … which exist as conscousness expressed in the form of thought.  It’s the vanity of the ego that claims thoughts as “mine.”  Genius, on the other hand, commonly attributes the source of creative leaps of awareness to that basis of all consciousness, which has traditionally been called divinity.  – Power Vs. Force by Hawkins

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Heroes are everywhere

Lead by Being Led. – MLK

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Positive Force

True peace is not merely the absence of negative force, but the presence of positive force. 

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Look – a metaphor

“Everything that is transitory, is a metaphorical reference.” – Joseph Campbell

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A – The beginning of life. The wonder. Ahhh. U – The life itself. Full of experiences, agony, pleasure, love and distrust. M – Life’s end.  Hmmm. It was a good life. Then, the silence before the cycle continues.

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