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Why do we need an incentive to be good?

Is this why religion was “invented”? If there’s no heaven, would that mean more chaos? Is it our way of dealing with death? Can’t we be good because being good it our nature? Does having heaven (or whatever) as an incentive to be good make being good a good reason? Doesn’t being good bring good things, and isn’t that a good reason? Or, are we being good to bring good things, and is that a self-serving reason? Just because man created religion, doesn’t mean there is no God.

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Paradoxical Faith

So, we believe in the hereafter and we’re God fearing in our religion.  Then, why are we afraid to die?

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What is the definition of a friend

A friend is someone who is still your friend, even if you’ve done something that does not coincide with their beliefs.  I’m sure there are those that have murdered, stolen, cheated, lied – but they still have friends.  Those friends say things like – “That just wasn’t who that person was. I know that person, and he is still my friend.” Can’t we all be friends?

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