The Cycle of Hypocrisy

Growing up, there was something about church that didn’t feel right to me.  As I grew older, I began to judge those people as hypocrites. They were not true Christians, but they were judging others.

How many times did I hear that you would “go to hell” if you sinned, or that someone was bad because they did something wrong. It was a big gossip factory.

So, I quit going.

Ah, but what was I doing?  I was judging; I was not accepting. I was doing just the same as they were doing. I have concluded, we’re all hypocrites until we can accept everyone for who they are and what they are.

It’s a challenge I face every day – heck, every minute – based on my observations, my experience and my stereotypes.

I look at what the new testament/Jesus says: peace, love and acceptance. How does that get misconstrued, in my opinion into wars, hate and exclusion?

But, it does. I judge that, hence I am caught in this Cycle of Hypocrisy.  To get out, you need to be pure.  The Dalai Lama seems pure to me.

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