Putting is a “Feel”

When I putt, I try not to think of too much. In fact, the more I think, the worse I putt.  To me, it’s all about being comfortable.

Heck, I don’t even really like to read the green much, or think about speed, or even worry where the water is (how the ball will turn towards it, I’m told).

Nope, it’s all feel. Kind of like Chevy Chase on Caddy Shack. Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na.

At one point, Dalai, Chuck and I would carry a Video Recorder (Beta) with us on the course.  It was fun reviewing the footage afterwards, plus giving commentary during the round.  Dalai would use it as an analysis tool for his swing.  Chuck and I weren’t that refined.  We had the Lee Travino approach – hit it, find it, hit it again.

Anyway, since the video camera was property of the company I was working for at the time, I was really the only one with experience shooting.  So, at one point, I was trying to explain the functionality of the camera to Dalai and Chuck, so they could take some footage of me.

On a long putt attempt (40+ feet) on an extremely undulating green, I hovered over my putt with Chuck holding the camera behind me. I felt it. I hit it. I went in.

I jumped for joy and knew it was on video. Saved forever!  So, I pulled the camera from Chuck to view the feat.  But, he had failed to hit the right button, and, alas, no video.

I then put the camera on the ground behind the ball, made reference to their ineptitude to technology, and how they missed my fabulous putt. Of course, their conversation was something to the effect that it never happened.  After all, who would know?

So, I stood over the putt again. Centered myself. Then, drained that baby again!

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