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Easter Metaphor

Once again, I’m confused by the literal meaning of Jesus dying for our sins. Today’s message from the pastor told of how a man jumped on a grenade in order to save his friend in a foxhole. I get that. It’s real. But, how does Jesus being crucified translate to that? To me, it doesn’t. But, I do get the metaphor about dying to our own sins and then being reborn as a new person … and, if you will, allowing Jesus to be the way-shower for those changes. Although over-used, I do like the WWJD thinking, because I think Jesus taught three basic principles – Peace, Love, Understanding. To … Continue reading

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Higher Nature

Joseph Campbell once said: “Put yourself in situations to invoke your higher nature.” To me, this means that you’re not copping out when you decide to be non confrontational, or if you decide that being around a certain person can be avoided, or not exposing yourself to an awkward situation. In some ways, this is very Buddhistic – Understand that there is pain, and find ways to avoid that pain.

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Look – a metaphor

“Everything that is transitory, is a metaphorical reference.” – Joseph Campbell

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Persian Metaphor

The great Persian Myth that explains how Iblis (Satan) was sent to hell because he would not serve Humans and would only serve God rings true throughout the ages – as long as we recognize it’s metaphorical meaning.   His love of God was more than his love of mankind; therefore, he was sentenced to hell. The meaning, it appears to me, is that we must love our fellow man more than we love our God, or we get caught in the crossfire of judgmental paradigms.  When looking at world history, it appears that most wars were in the name of God – meaning we are fighting for our God, … Continue reading

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If God created us in him image, then he created us as creators.

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Myth or Miss

If most Christians can understand the mythology of the sacrament and the mass (communion), then it should logical to understand the virgin birth and the crucifixion as equally powerful metaphors.

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Practice Church

Golf is the only sport I can think of that you can get better without practice. For instance, over the winter, when I’m not playing, just thinking about golf, watching it on T.V., and talking about it with others, has led to a better first time out of the box round. However, once that initial flow is over, then the golf mythos comes to be.  Practice, like going to church for some (get the dichotomy there?), takes us through the cycle.  Many of us need church to center us, so we can go back out into the world the rest of the week. Practicing golf prepares us for the round … Continue reading

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Fire Metaphor

Isn’t building a fire a great metaphor?  It will keep you warm if you build it correctly – if you continue to feed it – if you don’t let it get out of hand and burn you – if you respect it.

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Loving rainy days as well as sunny days, and the cloudy days in between. Love our neighbors, any color or socio-economic status and all in between.  Appreciation of the sunny days becomes more acute knowing how raining days are.  Appreciation for rainy days comes because you know it will make the sunny days more potent.

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