Your “friends” response from the Dalai

Young Buddha,
First, your friends may not be racist, but they are very narrow minded, and if they are saying things like that, they may be hopeless.  I wonder what they thought of Bush 2?
I too have always been an independent, although vote mostly democrat.  I am a social liberal and probably middle to slightly right on economic issues.  People like me have trouble finding candidates, but because the social justice issues are more important to me than the economic issues, I almost always vote democrat.  I did vote for Reagan the first time and once for Bush 1 (the first time).  By the way, if your friends are concerned about the constitution, I wonder how they feel about Iran contra or all the stuff after 9/11 by the Bush administration.
I don’t get the Trump thing with your friends.  That is scary.
I always say I will vote for the best candidate, but lately i have voted democrat because, if nothing else, they seem better or the lesser of evils.  I find it difficult to like Hillary, but I will vote for her.
What turns me off most about the current crop of Republicans is the way they ignore facts and truth and create this alternative reality/bubble.  I know some will say that is politics, but the level they have sunk to on facts and evidence is frightening. Republicans also seem much more hypocritical.  And then there is this poor, downtrodden white Christian male thing.  Good lord (no pun intended).
I try not to talk politics with friends.  One is an anti-government, gun-toting libertarian and is a social liberal (that’s the libertarian part).  We spar occasionally, but we keep it real, and we always find common ground.  He also is a bit of a prepper.  Last we talked he would not vote for Trump, but my guess is he will not vote for Hillary.
By the way, have your friends noticed that their lily white, male, Christian, privileged asses have done a lot better under Bill Clinton and Obama than Bush?  Have they noticed Obama lives the family values they like to spout off about?  Have they noticed how many of their hypocrite boys don’t?
Anyway I am rambling more than usual.  If you really like these people, avoid politics at all cost when interacting.
And last, who buys a second home near Augusta unless you are a member.  There is not much there.  Just sayin’.
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