The Dangling Carrot

It may be a long time between seeing someone you love or who has influenced you.  But, it’s only a few days at a time in-between, that we don’t recognize what effect those people have on our lives.

Everyone, like it or not, is a teacher and a coach. Most fight for what they believe is truth and the community, and if the benefits come, then they come because of that.

You know, that’s a real metaphysical approach to life.  As I get older, I see those things with more clarity.

Your life is your story. Just as so many great men before us.

  • We’re born 
  • We live 
  • We have challenges, temptations and rewards 
  • We die 
  • We are reborn

That’s the metaphysical story.  Stories that are intended to teach us lessons.

Every day is a metaphorical story:

  • We wake up 
  • We face the daily negatives and positives 
  • We end our day 
  • We wake up the next morning

Even activities can be metaphorical:

  • FIRE:
    • We start a fire
    • We need to feed that fire for it to remain lighted
    • We get warmth from that fire
    • If the fire dies, it’s because it is no longer being fed
  • LIFE:
    • We are born
    • We are fed and cared for
    • We experience life
    • If we are not cared for or fed, we die
  • GOLF:
    • We have a set of clubs
    • We practice
    • We get better
    • If we quit practicing, we get worse

Today, the metaphysical story is this:

  • That person or you were born 
  • They influenced, coached, taught, succeeded and faced many challenges 
  • They died 
  • They are reborn

But, what is being reborn?

  • Memories are reborn a little in each of us in this room 
  • We remember those people – they’re alive, their memory is alive, we remember them as alive
  • But, more importantly, we allow those positive impacts on our lives to help lead us, guide us, and educate us through our days.

Who will you be in death?  How will your life be reborn in others? Will you be remembered as a friend and someone who has done many right things?  Do you need to know that you’ll have an afterlife in order to do good in this life?  Do you think that “dangling carrot” is noticeable to those around you?  Are you doing the right things for others … or for you?

Our friends, coaches, influencers and mentors live in each of us who they have affected. They’ve affected me.


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