Thunderbirds from the Tee

One “event” that the Dalai, Chuck and I used to play was on a particular Par 5, which had a wide open fairway was the “Thunderbirds from the Tee.”

Somewhere in the Dalai’s past, he had a passion to fly airplanes (not many people know that about the Lama).  He, I believe, actually had his license at one point.  But, I think the Dalai’s golf fanaticism only allowed him enough time for one focus (kind of a meditation).  However, I do see the single-focus meditation applying to both those avocations.

Anyway, on the 14th hole, the three of us would tee it up together. Lined up in the center of the tee-box would be Dalai, with me right behind him (tee almost at his heels) and Chuck facing the Dalai.  The Dalai would give the count down “3, 2, 1” and we’d all hit our shots at the same time.

This, I guess, could be equated to a forced meditation. You can’t just “allow” this, but you have to make the focus happen. My guess is that our baseball backgrounds allowed for this. Kind of goes along with the chatter situation.

Now, the real reason we called in Thunderbirds goes back to the flying – the Thunderbirds being the aerobatic flying team of the Air Force.  Then, the visual connection came when the balls would perform similarly – each taking off and with some synchronization, they’d split into multiple directions.  The Dalai down the middle, Charles (the lefty) slicing to the left and me slicing to the right.  The views were magnificent.

How I miss those days of camaraderie.

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