GTWSOH and You Can’t Beat That!

Charles, more than the Dalai, and I had a competitive streak. The Dalai played the course, of course, except when he “had to” grind.

Anyway, since the Dalai was typically a stroke or more better per hole than Chuck and I (even if we scrambled), we had to devise ways to compete against the Dalai.  Chuck and I had our own competitive nature outside of golfing, mostly in the confines of a racquetball court.

At one point, we developed a set of rules intended to make sure “we” had an advantage over the Dalai.  Some of it was so foreign to the Dalai’s nature, that he had no choice but to allow the winning and losing to run its course. After all, he really didn’t care.  He enjoyed our gimics.

So, here’s a couple of the rules – If said participant clearly hits a good shot or putt, but the next player has an even better shot or putt, the second said participant shall say “Get That Weak Sh*t Out of Here” to the first said participant.  (That was later Acronymized to GTWSOH.)

Second rule – If said participant clearly hits an outstanding shot, or makes a putt over the length of 15 feet, he shall announce “You Can’t Beat That

Should the announcements not take place, then said participants are given two-stroke penalties.

As you might imagine – in the racquetball space, these taunts would become much louder and quite pointed, with shaking racquets and victory laps.

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