Bellefontaine Vs. Urbana

One experience I had that has stuck with me, I believe, is based on the invisible connectivity of humans.  It’s also part of the whole competitive paradigm.  Let me explain.

Bellefontaine and Urbana were arch rivals.  From the first games I remember playing in Junior High – those that had competition outside the city, Urbana was our fiercest foe.  We were well-matched, too. Towns were less than 20 miles apart. Social patterns were the same.

Anyway, our basketball team won the district championship, and our trip to the regional event took us directly through Urbana.  When we got there, all the lights changed to flashing, a police cruiser escorted us through the city, and Urbana residents lined the road with signs of encouragement – like “Win Regionals and Go to State!”

I had goose bumps. I was swimming in emotions that I didn’t understand at all.  These people were our enemies – but were now acting like our neighbors.

I was with the assistant coach sitting in the front seat of the car, and he told me later that the look on my face was wonder and bewilderment.

As it turned out, our team (and I) played two of the best games ever played by a Bellefontaine team, and, indeed, we did get to the State Tournament.  After the win that got us there, I remember trying to vocalize the feeling, which was still with me in the locker room.  But, alas, I could not. I just remember saying something like – “When we came through Urbana, I knew …”

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