Heritage Division

Lately, I’ve been wondering about what makes heritage such a sacred, passionate and provoking division among us.

We have African-Americans, Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, Puerto Rican-Americans, Native Americans, Gay American.  And, we defend those and are proud of those designations.  

Additionally, there are larger dichotomy thoughts about just being an American, or whatever country from which you came.

These thoughts, to me, seem to create even more division in our world. What makes us proud of this?  What is it that is driving us to create division?  What is our goal by creating this division?

We are saying, in some ways, that we are better than another by taking our heritage as a badge of courage, aren’t we?  Do we really feel that because we were born into a certain heritage that somehow we are better than another?

We are all humans, aren’t we?  Do we need a common enemy to create unity?  One could argue our unity is based on war?

Next time we choose to defend or wear our heritage courage, maybe we could look at the our Spiritual Way Showers and see how they approached this.  

Peace, Love, Acceptance.  No War.  No Hate.  No Heritage.

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