Easter Metaphor

Once again, I’m confused by the literal meaning of Jesus dying for our sins. Today’s message from the pastor told of how a man jumped on a grenade in order to save his friend in a foxhole. I get that. It’s real. But, how does Jesus being crucified translate to that? To me, it doesn’t. But, I do get the metaphor about dying to our own sins and then being reborn as a new person … and, if you will, allowing Jesus to be the way-shower for those changes. Although over-used, I do like the WWJD thinking, because I think Jesus taught three basic principles – Peace, Love, Understanding. To me, that translates into Calmness, Kindness and Acceptance. I also noticed today how the Lord’s Prayer fills those gaps. There’s no judgement there – it’s about God (not a Christian God), being good NOW (on earth as it is in heaven), forgiveness and avoiding suffering (had to get a little Buddhism in there) – “deliver us from evil.”

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